Hello my name is Michael Lord, Nationally Registered Environmental Property Assessor and LES' founder and principal engineer.  I have been doing environmental engineering for more than thirty years.   I have a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.  I have performed more than a thousand environmental site assessments for all types of companies, organizations and industries. 

Environmental site assessments are no different than any other activity that you employ a professional to perform, be that a doctor, lawyer, electrician, or plumber.   The quality of the service and/or product you recieve depends on the qualifications and expertise of the individual who is performing that task.    

I personally perform each site assessment.  I will ensure that all environmental concerns are thoroughly evaluated and I work closely with each client to address any and all of their concerns.  Why pay more and have a junior or newly hired individual, as most companies do, perform your assessment?  Let me provide you more with LES.

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LES Lord Environmental Services specializes in providing Phase I  & II Site Assessments, soil & groundwater remediations, and UST removals  in the City of Los Angeles and nearby surrounding areas.  

The cost  for  a  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment  for   a  typical property  is $1,350.  However, the actual cost  may slightly vary depending upon the site conditions and location.   This
 cost is a fraction of what so call full service environmental companies will charge.  They generally charge  from $2,000 to $2,400 for the same type of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment that LES provides.  

LES performs all Phase 1  Environmental Site Assessments in accordance to ASTM Standard E 1527-13 All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI)  and comply with  CERCLA due diligence requirements.  All efforts are taken to ensure that any potential environmental concerns are identified and thoroughly evaluated as to their impact to the subject site.   LES' site assessments are completely objective and we never recommend unnecessary further work.  

LES only uses well established and proven environmental information, soil sampling, and analytical laboratory services in completing environmental site assessment projects.  All work is completed in a timely manner and presented in a professional written report.

Due to LES’ low overhead, LES can provide  Phase One Environmental Site Assessments at a significant reduce cost compared to other established environmental services.   Being able to receive the same high quality  Phase 1 at a significantly reduced price is the reason selecting LES is a wise decision. 

LES' typical Phase 1 has the following scope of work:

1.   A site reconnaissance to observe vegetation, soil conditions, location of tanks, transformers, wells, pits, ponds, or lagoons, locate piping and drains, and indication of dumping, odors, etc., and a search for visible signs of asbestos or PCBs. This includes color photographs of the subject property and adjoining properties.

2.   A  review  of three or more of the following standard historical sources for the previous 60 years (if available): aerial photographs, fire insurance maps, property tax files, recorded land title records, USGS 7.5 Minute Topographical Maps, local street directories, and record searches for the site and surrounding properties in standard ASTM E 1527 environmental  databases.

3.   A record search for historical building permits related to the subject site.


4.   Interviews with owners, occupants, neighbors, State and local government officials and/or other persons who are familiar with the property are performed in person, by telephone, or in writing regarding the history, utilities, operations, management, waste management practices, and other environmental considerations for the subject property.

An electronic version of a professionally written  report  with color photographs, figures, and relevant appendices will be submitted to you within ten (15) working days from the receipt of written approval of a proposal.    

LES can perform Phase II  Site Assessments, soil & groundwater remediations, and UST removals at a significant  reduced cost  compared to other environmental companies.  Call to receive a quote for these types of projects.

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